NotifiUs Digital Messaging

Improve patient and family member adherence to key healthcare responsibilities with easy-to-use digital messaging.

Individual and Family Level Medication Adherence Program

The NotifiUs engagement platform offers "intelligent" text, voice response or video features to easily schedule and implement an individual family member, friend or patient self-care plan. The program includes reminders, and notifications to other family members of progress with meeting self-care objectives. Real-time analytics and reporting provide visibility, insight and encouragement unique for each individual.

• Reduce the worry from a family member or patient not taking their medications on time.

• Improve patient information transparency by tracking and reporting improvement with critical health measures like HbA1C, or side effects from oral oncolytic.

• Reduce the worry from learning a change in family member or patient behavior toward care plan steps with real time Alert messaging.

• Reduce time at the emergency room or added cost from complications caused with medication non-compliance.

• Improve the effectiveness of medications through 'intelligent' messaging that record and report side effects.

• Elevate family and care provider support of patient self-management steps with unique messages of encouragement and digital educational text, voice and video tutorials.

NotifiUs Patient Engagement Platform for Healthcare Providers

Integrates with existing EMR solutions. Or operates as a stand-alone reporting and analytics platform.

Community and Care Provider Medication Adherence Programs

The NotifiUs patient engagement platform offers an Organization Dashboard for Healthcare Providers to support dozens to thousands of patients and their families. Each patient is easily guided through a digital template resulting in a custom care plan that includes intelligent communications to translate digital patient engagement into actionable data. From the new and secure data, patient progress toward self-care objectives is immediately analyzed against care goals (such as improved HbA1c measure) and reported. Machine learning algorithms study patient data and identify positive and/or negative self-care trends and non-compliant actions with follow up custom alert notifications, unique suggestions for improvement, or messages of encouragement.

• Reduce emergency room visits and improve quality of patient care with real time monitoring of patient adherence to prescribed medications.

• Improve each patient's "Quality of Care" through custom and easy-to-configure digital self-management programs.

• Accelerate revenue reimbursement by using NotifiUs “intelligent” text messages as structured data for meeting Quality Payment Program (QPP) measures.

• Reduce healthcare errors with on-line education and digital tutorials that address each patients unique health conditions.

• Reach medically under-served communities with NotifiUs digital patient engagement capabilities.

Unique custom applications.

NotifiUs has the team to develop unique applications to help each patient better manage ailments like diabetes and cancer.

Custom Solutions

Custom Development: NotifiUs has the technology, team and industry partnerships to meet other healthcare and educational applications. Our secure messaging platform is a powerful tool to help unlock the full potential of your staff, and organization by leveraging data analytics with messaging services. Examples of other custom solutions include:

• Integration - NotifiUs Application Program Interface (API) integrates with other Electronic Healthcare Records through HL7 SMART/Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.

• Education - Configure material into Team Resource Assessment Testing and Individual Resource Assessment Testing programs.

• Reward programs - Motivate patients to achieve self-care improvement.

• Surveys - Analyze patient response to care initiatives or assess quality of care practice.

• Research - Securely determine community health needs and current health resource limitations.

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