NotifiUs brings new features to established and secure messaging services. Our notification features provide the capability to remind, track and alert individuals of important healthcare actions, and follow-up requirements through SMS Text and Text to Voice format.

Custom adherence programs, from simple reminders for medication needs to tracking the fulfillment of those reminders and reporting exceptions, or requests for assistance are simple to configure.

The NotifiUs software platform is operated in accordance with HIPAA standards including the encryption of stored data.

Our unique NotifiUs Dashboard leads the Message Sender or administrator through a few simple steps to configure custom notifications to a recipient (we call that person the Message Recipient). Notifications are sent according to each participants schedule with unique message content. Copies of these notifications can be sent to other individuals such as medical professionals or friends and family members to add support to the notification process. We identify these folks as Additional Message Recipients.

Please watch this short video to understand how simple it is to configure the NotifiUs Dashboard and the power of NotifiUs!