The NotifiUs Interactive Health Management platform consists of a Dashboard, HIPAA secure data base, secure mobile communications and data analytics to support many patient/provider/payer customization applications.

Applications such as monitoring and reporting on a patients Medication Adherence Plan, or integrating real-time reminder, queries, Alerts and Notifications with a patient’s Care Coordinator, or a Social Workers Out-Patient support program can be configured quickly, inexpensively and securely.

Similarly, if you are looking for a simple way to coordinate within your family a process that check’s on a family members schedule to take medications, or attend follow up appointments NotifiUs can help!

The NotifiUs IHM Platform can assist with building measures that are useful to support MIPS and APMs with real input from patients/consumers.

If a care coordinator, medical professional or family member wants to remind a hospital-released patient to take their medications, they can schedule interactive SMS text messages, text to voice or voice bridge conferencing in a unique sequence or any combination of these communication sessions, and avoid an unnecessary hospital readmission.

For example, patient Bob Jones is a diabetic and sometimes forgets his daily medication requirement. Recently Bob had a scheduled check-up and his med requirements were changed.

Bob’s care provider wants to empower Bob to be more self reliant and more consistent with his new medication needs. Each day at 2 p.m. Bob is sent an interactive SMS text message and asked if he remembered to take his medication, and asked to respond with a “yes meds”, “no meds” or “help meds”.

If Bob does not respond at all or if he responds with a “no” a voice conference is automatically bridged between Bob and a medical professional to talk through the circumstances, and to immediately assist Bob.

If Bob responds with a help request a member of his social network (in this case his wife) is alerted and that person contacts Bob to review educational material or the reasons for his help request.

If Bob responds with a “yes” he receives a note of praise and his entire/virtual care group (medical support team and family members) receives a copy of the text (or text to voice) praising Bob, and they also can send notes of additional encouragement to Bob.

Underlying the sequence of messages and sessions is the NotifiUs Interactive Health Management data base that encrypts and records Bob’s response to the various sessions. From Bob’s responses it is easy to determine which type of message or sequence has Bob’s greatest attention.