Typically, patients move from the clinic to the pharmacy for dispensation of medication and to receive education for proper adherence. Unfortunately, the time allocated to proper patient education, goal setting, empowerment or behavior modification, for long term adherence success, is not sufficient. Given, that patients usually remember approximately 50% of dialogue and education in a medical appointment; it is understandable that medication adherence behavior diminishes over a short period of time.

Forgetting proper medication instruction within a few short months of initial medication prescription is one of the many reasons adherence behavior quickly turns negative across many ailments.

The NotifiUs Interactive Healthcare Management platform provides services to support Care Coordinators and Social Workers to assist with issues like medication adherence.

Other reasons for decreases in patient attention to proper medication adherence were cited in the article Medscape Oncology, ‘Non-adherence May Be the Norm’: Why Cancer Patients Don’t Take Their Medications, Kate M. O’Rourke. “The primary reasons for accidental non-adherence was forgetting (41%) and interrupted routine (27%). Other factors included traveling (17%), being too ill (15%), and falling asleep (9%). The main reasons for choosing to miss a dose were not feeling well (35%) and reducing the side effects (26%). “Accidental missing is more linked to memory. Purposeful missing is more related to physical symptoms,”

Most interesting about these findings is the conclusion that services perceived by the patient as truly beneficial contained educational content,  were more tailored to the user or his/her condition, and allowed motivational content in forms like encouragement from others.

The NotifiUs solution based on the NotifiUs Interactive Health Management platform addresses these needed features to help improve a patient’s medication adherence behavior;

  1. Messages of encouragement, education and follow up actions coupled with queries to validate completion of patient actions enables a stronger collaboration between doctor, patient and family members to help the patient develop (a) a common sense belief why medication maintenance therapy is necessary and (b) reinforce the consequences for missing adherence requirements.
  2. Our range of different message types and work-flow Alert and Notifications are easily configured to implement a custom template for each customer that quickly detects a negative change in adherence behavior
  3. Our secure messaging service and trademarked Sendcare virtual care group feature can be configured to support communications between provider and patient and help to:
    1. Validate the patient received the correct prescription.
    2. Verify the new prescription was filled.
    3. Query the patient often to remind and verify they are taking their medication properly, particularly for the first 6 months, when the risk for noncompliance is highest.
    4. Remind and verify medication taking continuously for chronic conditions.

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