Q: Does NotifiUs offer a free trial?

A: Yes! No credit card required.

Q: How do I know how much I will use?

A: The NotifiUs Dashboard informs the user when they reach their plans monthly usage level.

Q: Do you have examples of how reminder messages are used?

A: Reminder messages can be used for simple things like “Pops, don’t forget your walker this morning!” to voice messages that require a response “Pops, Press 1 for “yes” or 2 for “no” if you took your meds today at 2 pm, or Nurse Rodgers will visit at 2:30.”

Q: How big is your support team?

A: The NotifiUs support team includes software developers, system administrators, customer service and product marketing staff.

Q: Is purchase price refundable?

A: Our services are purchased on a month-to-month basis without a long term commitment.  A customer can cancel at any time.