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Q: How does the NotifiUs platform help patients with their medication adherence schedule?

A: More and more patients must be accountable for managing their own prescription requirements. NotifiUs reminds patients when to take medicine, and lets them record any reasons for which they cannot take their meds. Those reasons cause patients to miss taking their meds properly anywhere from 25% to 50% of the time.

Q: How easy is NotifiUs to use?

A: The NotifiUs Dashboard is designed to operate seamlessly within a care provider’s environment. Care professionals can easily track patient adherence schedules and be alerted to potential issues like side effects which may impact adherence.

Q: Why is it important to understand a patients’ reason for non-adherence?  

A: Simple things like not picking up refills or not recognizing a patient’s inability to comprehend instruction can be addressed, if recognized early.

Q: Is the NotifiUs platform operated within a HIPAA compliant environment?

A: Yes. The NotifiUs Patient Engagement Platform operates as a HIPAA-Business Associate and has Business Associate Agreements in place with its partners.

Q: What are some other competitive advantages of the NotifiUs solution over competing products?

A: Text messaging and Interactive Voice Response services act well as straight forward reminder’s to take medications or attend appointments. They don’t record a patients reasons for non-adherent or non-compliant behavior, as does NotitiUs. NotifiUs also analyzes patient data, collected from survey text messages to determine if the patient is following their adherence plan. This allows care professionals to better focus their time on those patients who need more assistance.

Q: How do I set up a trial?

A: Simply send an email at terry@notifius.com.