Messaging between Family Members

Daughter Deb registers with the NotifiUs Dashboard and in a few minutes has a complete set of video and text messages to remind dad over the next six months to take his medications on time. Dad also automatically receives Short Survey Messages to report his success with properly taking medications or requests for assistance.

Video Messaging
Reminder and Short Survey Message in a Single Delivery!

Dads success with taking his medications or if he doesn’t acknowledge taking his meds is reported to the family, in real time with Alert messages. The NotifiUs Dashboard also tracks and reports dads behavior through its data analytics software.

Dads report card on properly taking his prescribed medications.

  • Reduce unnecessary return trips to the hospital.
  • Greatly reduce patient and family worry with automated reminders and virtual encouragement from family and friends.
  • Formalize key health goals, like improving HbA1c test results and use those results as part of the overall success with improving medication adherence.