As the American College of Preventive Medicine says “Providers play an important role in assisting patients in carrying out healthy behaviors”, and go on to say “People’s beliefs about the benefits and risks of medicines influences whether they take drugs prescribed to them.”

Similarly, “the family” as a mainstay of support can help members understand the benefit of following healthy behavior.  Reminders between family members to take medication on time, watch for potential side effects of new prescriptions or attend follow up medical appointments can be very helpful. Discussing such reminders between family members also helps to bring the reason for such healthcare actions to a level of clarity and acceptability to the patient.

Asking someone else to help support a prescription medication schedule in not an easy request to make. But using a program or schedule to coordinate activates across family members, medical professionals or other people who care about the well-being of a patient can help to address this big challenge. Keep in mind that poor medication adherence costs $100B’s in unnecessary expenses each year, and 100’s of thousands of deaths and is recognized as a global problem by the World Health Organization. Nonadherence to prescribed medication therapies is America’s other drug problem.

Many tools are available on the market to assist with structuring a reminder process. Each of us can take a step to help someone in our family with encouragement and support- whether it is a quick phone call every couple of days or more formal SMS text or behavior tracking programs.

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