"Do you or someone you care about need help with taking their prescribed medications, or following through with behavior that will improve their health and wellness?

How the NotifiUs Messaging Services Work!

Each day many tens of millions of individuals improperly take their prescribed medications; creating significant Quality of Life and unnecessary cost issues. NotifiUs provides a comprehensive set of mobile, and web based messaging services, through a secure Dashboard, to help family members and care professionals send encouragement and education to the people they care about, to address this challenge.

Schedule and Track Messaging to Those You Care About as Educational and Encouragement Reminders

 Easy to follow instructions to create and schedule custom digital messages that Encourage and Educate the patient.

 Quickly and securely configure video, text or Interactive Voice Response type messages.

 Unique Short Survey Messages allow each patient to easily report outcomes, confirm medication taking, request assistance or validate side effects.

 Analytics - Patient reported responses are translated into data and analyzed to report patient success with meeting healthcare goals.

 Patient Short Survey Responses can be shared with family members or care professionals.

 Reminder services, Surveys, Quality Assessments are only a few of the many applications with the NotifiUs Dashboard.

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NotifiUs API - Integrates with External Systems

NotifiUs Application Program Interface (API). The NotifiUs platform supports a robust set of open interface standards to integrate with external product and services, and custom development.

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