NotifiUs Messaging Services

The Many Reasons  to Select NotifiUs for your Messaging Needs:

  1. Send Secure Text, Interactive Voice and Video messages that meet  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  Requirements.
  2. NotifiUs Video messaging can source videos from mobile devices, laptops and YouTube.
  3. Reach out to the people you care about and remind them to: take medications on time, attend critical appointments, and use follow up messages to determine if the reminders are helpful.
  4. Did You Know? Nearly one in two patients do not properly take their medications, which leads to additional health complications and costs- both of which could be avoided by patients simply taking their medications  properly. 
  5. Take the worry out of reminding people to complete an important task through an automated process that leverages common and far reaching secure text messages as well social media with custom messages of encouragement.
  6. Include automated follow-up messages that ask the primary message recipient if they completed the actions they were reminded to complete, such as taking their medications or if they need assistance.
  7. If a patient or message recipient does not answer the follow up query an alert message is automatically sent to care providers, family members or friends that the patient did not complete their task.
  8. The NotifiUs platform supports a single individual or large groups of individuals.
  9. Each individual participant or group receives their own dashboard  with integrated analytics that display's each individuals performance over time.
  10. Responses to follow up message queries are treated and analyzed as data.
  11. Family members, friends and care professionals can use the patients recorded responses as data to engage the patient in a positive conversation, if behavior change is needed.
  12. Family members and friends can also receive real time copies of the patients query response.
  13. Additional educational material can be included with patient or message recipient messages to provide further encouragement.
  14. Family members can send video messages to other family members and let them know that they are loved and cared for and the importance to complete the reminded task.
  15. The NotifiUs platform tracks the patients’ response and provides charts, and graphs that serve as a complete data record of their follow up response.
  16. NotifiUs algorithms read the patients response and with Machine Learning algorithms provides insight into the patients’ response behavior and recommends areas of improvement.
  17. The NotifiUs platform provides a set of APIs to easily connect with EMR systems such as Cerner or Epic.

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