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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Digital Healthcare Applications

Improve Medication Adherence for Many Patients

The NotifiUs web based Dashboard provides customizable video, voice or smart text reminder message with a follow up short survey text message by patient, to report side effects, request for assistance, or other outcomes. All reported outcomes, as well as "no response" outcomes are analyzed and made available in real-time or through a range of configurable charts and graphs.

Analytics and Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms study patient data and identify positive and/or negative self-care trends and non-compliant actions with follow up custom alert notifications.

NotifiUs Patient Reported Outcome Dashboard

Video, Voice, and Text Messaging

Our range of HIPAA secure messaging allows care providers to address novel therapeutic strategies through constant contact and to enhance clinical processes that further improve patient outcomes. And to educate patients on stronger ownership of their care.

Short Survey Message

The NotifiUs Platform compares Patient Reported Outcomes to Planned Outcomes for reporting, analysis and real time notifications!

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Example of Custom Patient Engagement with Short Survey Message: Toxicities and Drug-Drug Interactions: Symptoms such as fatigue and pain intensity are key domains as Measures for Patient-Reported Outcomes. Symptoms are typically negative, and their presence and intensity are best assessed through patient report. Scales characterize the severity of the symptoms. The impact of symptoms, such as the degree to which pain interferes with usual functioning, are examples of the types of PROMs that can be addressed through the NotifiUs SaaS platform.