Digital Healthcare Applications

Encourage Family and Friends to Take Their Medications!

Unfortunately one in two patients just don't take their medications as they should. Forgetfulness, affordability, and side effects are just a few of the reasons for what is known as "poor medication adherence". The consequences for patients not adhering to their prescribed medication include costly and unnecessary trips to the hospital, avoidable additional health complications and a dramatic impact to the patient’s overall quality of life!

Now, in just three minutes a complete digital program -that includes custom video messages of encouragement, follow up text surveys to track patient behavior, notifications to other friends and family members on patient progress, as well as complete analytics that help you "learn" how to help someone you care about - can be configured through the NotifiUs Dashboard. (please watch this short YouTube video on the ease to configure a video reminder message for taking medications). You can also trial the NotifiUs solution at no cost by clicking here!

The following diagram depicts the simple steps to configure video - including YouTube - voice and text based reminder solutions.

Family Reminder Application

Easy to Use Dashboard

Digitally engage family and friends so they can provide added encouragement to dad. The NotifiUs Dashboard provides secure information on the Message Sender (friend or family member) and the Message Recipient (dad in our example!).

Video Messaging

Send video messages including YouTube videos as part of the reminder strategy. Remember nearly half of all chronically ill patients improperly take their medications costing over $300B each year in avoidable healthcare expenses.

Text Message & Smart Survey Feature

Currently there is no data source from which to determine a persons behavior toward medication adherence. A patient following a prescription makes short term decisions - often on a daily basis - for a number of unforeseen reasons and influences. NotifiUs changes that challenge by using short text survey messages to collect data, as well as non responses, to analyze and report patient behavior.

Sample Text Survey

Interactive Voice Response

Patients can receive automated phone calls that include a reminder message along with a quick survey query, to learn more about the patients behavior or need for assistance.

"Smart" Features

Each participants Dashboard includes smart features to enable algorithms to track, report and notify - in real time - dads adherence to his scheduled medications, and to learn dads behavior with different message types.

Dads report card on properly taking his prescribed medications.