NotifiUs-Messaging Services

Through the NotifiUs Dashboard individual users can configure Video, YouTube™, Voice Response or Text messages with three simple steps.
Following each message is an automatic NotifiUs Short Survey Message that prompts the Message Recipient to answer a simple question. Responses to the Short Survey Message (or lack of a response) are treated as data by the NotifiUs learning analytics software with all answers securely stored for subsequent reporting. Here are a few of our applications:

Reminders to Take Medications with Family Participation, Including Real-time Notifications.. 

Medication Adherence with Family Reminder Application

.. and Full Reporting

Patient Reported Outcomes

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) with Tracking and Analysis-Medical staff can track side effects and patient responses during patient treatment programs.

Patient Reported Outcome

Promotion of new Product or Service with Follow-Up Survey and Reporting-New products or services can be market tested with a Video, Voice or Text message to a participant with a follow up survey to record participant thoughts on the new product or service.

Promote and Survey Application Diagram

Schedule Reminder with Follow up Link to Rehab, Training or Education Material-Wellness and training programs, re habilitation programs can be augmented with video, voice and text messages that track patient response to their follow up requirement. Real-time notifications as well as scheduled reports track patient progress.

Learning Algorithms-Rehabilitation Programs