Survey with Analytics

For a business, research firm, or not-for-profit organization, success is all about keeping in touch with customers to “learn” what is important to them.

Below is a summary diagram of how a business manager or organization executive can select from a range of NotifiUs Dashboard video, interactive voice or text features - to digitally connect with participants - as part of an overall marketing strategy. Through each program the NotifiUs Platform translates communications into data for on-going analysis of customer interests and/or requirements.

Promote and Survey Application Diagram

Example #1.

A manager wants to understand if customers are happy with the current quality of service from the company? The goal is to understand both positive and negative trends.


Through the NotifiUs web-based Dashboard the manager selects the video and text message options. His short YouTube video link is included with the NotifiUs text message to thank the customer for their patronage and asks if they would please complete a short survey. The survey will automatically follow the video message.

Example #2.

A not-for-profit organization is curious about a new promotion strategy and asks a number of key participants to review and comment on a new prototype web page.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing department develops a prototype web page and links it through the NotifiUs Dashboard. A voice response message is sent to participants asking if they would visit the link and then take a short survey to provide feedback. Within a few weeks the organization receives critical feedback and decides to move ahead with the new messaging strategy.

"Learning" Algorithms

NotifiUs algorithms identify subject areas or trends, that managers and marketing teams will find key to determining new marketing, promotion or messaging strategies.


Data Analysis

All previous survey data is securely stored for future analysis, and can be compared to more current studies. Changes in consumer behavior can be concluded as a short term or long term trend.

Trend Study

Test and Question Library

A complete library of previous surveys and individual questions is available for re-use.

Easily Configure Questions as Many Different Types
Configuration Options
NotifiUs API - Integrates with External Systems

NotifiUs Application Program Interface (API). The NotifiUs platform supports a robust set of open interface standards to integrate with external product and services, and custom development.