NotifiUs Resource Assurance Solution

NotifiUs eLearning Solution with Dashboard and Intelligent Analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses across all industries to operate in newer and safer ways. Coworkers within healthcare, education, service center operations to name a few, must rely on new technology to maintain important certifications and training from remote locations. This also increases the pressure for added network and data security. NotifiUs introduces a new generation of web based and mobile based Secure and Intelligent eLearning Solutions built on its AWS/HIPAA secure platform, to address these challenges.

Key applications include a Resource Assurance Testing and Education Program with completely integrated individual and team building processes. Team-Based Learning (TBL) is an evidence based collaborative learning teaching strategy that initially prepares students with subject matter knowledge through Individual Readiness Assurance Testing (RAT). Once the iRAT stage is completed short, application-focused examines called Team Readiness Assurance Tests (tRAT) are presented to teams comprised of students from the class. Students within the team are challenged to apply a greater level of critical and analytical thinking with their knowledge, to better explain, defend or challenge each “team” answer to each test question. Students are more likely to be better prepared for the summative evaluations, such as mid-term examinations, from the team based learning method.

The NotifiUs eLearning solution includes analytics to help student, professor and administers more quickly determine each students success with translating course material into working knowledge and course material that may need to be reviewed or re-emphasized. The solution can be used for corporate training, education and compliance certifications for virtually any industries. And the NotifiUs Messaging Service Application can track and remind each employee about the certification requirements.


The NotifiUs eLearning Management System (LMS) includes an integrated compliment of Individual and Team Resource Assurance Testing (RAT) features. Instructors can easily assign students to courses, classes and teams with full electronic notification to the student of those assignments. The secure architecture of the system ensures full protection of data and on line sessions with IP Lock to ensure the individual or team designated “test taker” can only access the test portal during the testing period.


Easily make assignments through the NotifiUs eLearning Dashboard.

NotifiUs eLearning Dashboard

Assign Teams

Securely and easily add students to courses, classes and teams, through drop down menus.

Drop Down Menu for Team Assignements


Track IRAT performance to identify best Team assignments-for all teams within a class. NotifiUs algorithms determine subject areas that individuals students may need help with, and provide automated assistance or request a follow up meeting.

IRAT and TRAT Feature Integration

Real Time Analysis

Track real-time performance for each Team or Group of test takers to compare performance, such as time to answer questions correctly. Replaces traditional paper scratch cards.

Real Time Test Analysis

Post Test Analysis

All previous individual and team based examines are analyzed by NotifiUs algorithms to determine which questions or subject areas were the most difficult for students to apply previously.

Post Examine Analysis

Assign Points

Configure bonus or point programs to award early, correct selections. Send messages or graphics to students with selection of correct or incorrect choices.

Test Configuration and Question Library

There are many options to quickly and easily configure the format and type of questions to add to the NotifiUs question library. Additionally, there are options to have students register for tests with assigned PIN codes-locking their browser so only the test can be accessed.

Easily Configure Questions as Many Different Types
Configuration Options
NotifiUs API

NotifiUs Application Program Interface (API). The NotifiUs platform supports a robust set of open interface standards to integrate with external product and services, and custom development.

Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser is released as freeware. The source code is subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may only use these files in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at