Your company has a workforce that will soon return to work and employers like you need to give masks to employees. Zansors through its subsidiary Z-Shield would like to work with you or someone on your COVID task force to take care of those “mask” requirements.

• We offer two masks - Micro-Shield and Nano-Shield (see technical specification below).
• Both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force are customers.
• Our Z-Shield personal protection masks combine the latest technologies in particle filtration with breathable, washable fabric and customizable fit to set the new standard for protection, comfort, and durability.

o Micro-Shield: When you can’t afford to lose essential workers to sick days, Micro-Shield provides protection with comfort that you can wear all day.

   o The Nano-Shield98 mask is the ultimate particle collection shield and the new standard for comfort, even in high stress situations. Nano-Shield98 - The 98% solution. 

By using Z-Shield Masks you demonstrate to government and industry that you are serious about keeping your most valued assets safe.

Z-Shield Protective Masks
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