Now patients are more responsible for medication adherence oversight.

What do Patients Think About Healthcare?

Our mission is to bring patients closer to care providers, pharma, payers and family members through "real-world" data to solve patient challenges. For example, today nearly $300B and 100's of thousands of lives are lost each year to improper medication adherence. We help "stakeholders" to understand and improve medication adherence behavior.  

              Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):   

- Implement our solution directly, or use NotifiUs resources for assistance and customization. Monthly recurring fees for service, without long term commitment. 

- Novel software messaging tools collect patient data.    

- Integrated data analytics and configured algorithms track, analyze and report this data. HIPAA secure. 

- Secure Dashboard provides a range of reports, workflow and analysis on patient activity in real time! 

Secure devices are used to collect patient data.

Novel Data Collection

          Use Data to Improve Patient Engagement:    

- Better manage patient outcomes. 

- Coordinate multi-disciplinary care team follow up through the NotifiUs communications platform. 

- Document care improvement against Quality Measures (like MACRA/MIPS) and capture revenue. 

- Build custom care and education programs to address isolated members of the community. 

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Provide Summary of Patient Adherence

Data Analysis of Patient Response to Text Queries

Data Analysis-Report of Patient's that "Did Not Respond" to Completing Achievement Goal

Data Analytics and Scatter Chart Display

Tracking Diabetes Patient Med Adherence

Embedded Algorithms to Report Diabetes Patient Adherence to Medication Schedule

Patient Health is Stakeholder Responsibility

Motivate Patients

         Reward Positive Patient Behavior

- NotifiUs tracks patient success toward meeting healthcare goals.

- "Stakeholder" reward points are calculated with NotifiUs Incentive Program based on patient success.

- NotifiUs has API interface with vendors like Amazon to send gifts to participants.

- 2nd Qtr. 2018 release for NotifiUs blockchain program. Industry first to capture patient behavior and administer "asset" for positive patient behavior.