Medication non-adherence is often referred to as America’s “other” drug problem.

Care professionals and family members know that nearly half of all patients with chronic ailments, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease do not take their medications as prescribed. This results in hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, and hundreds or thousands of lives lost unnecessarily each year.

Certain patients within under-served communities or those that live with socio-economic challenges face even greater risk with not meeting their medication needs.

Engaging patients with on-going instruction, education and reminders and queries- to record patient actions and reasons for non-adherence- as part of a coordinated on-line communications program is critically needed to improve medication adherence for every patient. Furthermore, to be effective, each program must address the unique barriers that each patient faces with meeting their adherence requirements.

The NotifiUs Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) is an easy-to-use, HIPAA secure, low cost, web-based software solution that translates key social and economic considerations into a custom patient self-management program that defines, analyzes and reports real-time steps to measure a patient’s success with meeting their medication adherence goals.