Now patients are more responsible for medication adherence oversight.

Increased Patient Responsibility

Nearly $300B and 100's of thousands of lives are lost each year to improper medication adherence. Patients forget to properly take their pills or don't understand their prescription requirements, stop taking their meds early, or lack confidence in their care program. Our mission is to provide the research to help healthcare "stakeholders" understand why patients do not adhere to their medication requirements; and to implement engagement programs to help patients become and stay compliant to their prescribed medications.  

Secure devices are used to collect patient data.

Novel Data Collection

How we Collect Patient Data and Conduct Research:   

- A series of novel “query” text messages collect patient data to learn their challenges to adherence; cost of meds, availability, side effects, confidence in care plan and the medications themselves.  

- Integrated data analytics and configured algorithms track, analyze and report this data. All within a HIPAA secure solution. 

- A secure Dashboard provides a range of reports, workflow analysis, and notification's and alert's to identify and report patient data.  

How we Help Patients Improve their Med Adherence Behavior:    

- Leverage "Stakeholder" interests to support the patient.

- Custom Engagement Programs that educate each patient on benefit and risks with med adherence. 

- Personalize adherence by engaging family members to assist.

- Establish and measure objectives and goals for patient success. Track, analyze, report and improve as needed.

- Create rewards program as additional incentive to patient successful behavior. Include discounts toward care or insurance, points traded for other goods and services or translate positive behavior into crypto currency!

Involve Stakeholders and provide rewards.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Provide Summary of Patient Adherence

Data Analysis of Patient Response to Text Queries

Data Analysis-Report of Patient's that "Did Not Respond" to Completing Achievement Goal

Data Analytics and Scatter Chart Display

Tracking Diabetes Patient Med Adherence

Embedded Algorithms to Report Diabetes Patient Adherence to Medication Schedule