What is a Patient Reported Outcome and Why is it Important?

A patient-reported outcome is a health outcome directly reported by the patient who experienced it. Reported outcomes can be as simple as a confirmation that Dad took his medication on time, to a cancer patient reporting side effects from a scheduled oral oncolytic.

Now, individuals and care professionals can encourage patient's to more actively participate in their own self-care. For the first time patient's can easily report care outcomes and receive immediate feedback and/or encouragement on their action. The NotifiUs PRO Management System analyzes reported outcomes as data to help the patient and care professional determine if the  prescribed treatment is working, or if adjustments need to be made.                                       

The steps to use the NotifiUs Dashboard are easy to follow. 

Step 1. Patient or administrator schedules a custom Care Plan through the HIPAA secure NotifiUs Dashboard.  

Step 2. Each patient receives a text, video or interactive voice message, followed by a Short Survey Message to report their health outcome. For example: "Did you take your medication at 2 p.m.?" "Yes, I took my medication with no side effects."

Step 3. Every patient response is translated into structured data and analyzed against patient care plan objectives. For example, Dad needs to reduce his blood pressure but "is he properly taking his medication?"  

Step 4. Patient reported outcomes are visualized on an individual basis or community basis, according to the custom reporting program within My Dashboard.

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