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The NotifiUs 'Solution as a Service' -cloud based- architecture combines the best technology and systems to support a number of applications that digitally connect business and organization managers with the people they care about. We turn those digital connections into data for analysis and reporting.

Our applications are developed and operated on the NotifiUs platform and include smart video, interactive voice and text messaging features with integrated and customizable data analytic and "machine learning" algorithms to turn each connection into a leaning experience - about what is important to your customer, student or patient.

NotifiUs Platform
Learning Algorithms

The NotifiUs custom algorithms provide notification and analysis of key trends "learned" from data to help managers reach their business goals by better understanding customers, or healthcare providers better supporting patients and improving Quality of Care.

Check Out the Applications Now Available!  

Marketing Surveys with Integrated Analytics

NotifiUs technology turns SMS connections into video, voice and text communications to complete marketing promotions and surveys with custom algorithms and analytics. Learn more.

e-Learning Management Application

With COVID 19 the need to better support remote employee and student certifications, training and education has dramatically increased. The NotifiUs team has leveraged its platform to introduce a new e-Learning application that is simple and secure to deploy. Learn more.

Digital Healthcare Reminders and Surveys

The NotifiUs platform translates SMS text connections into HIPAA secure video, voice and text communications with machine learning algorithms to assist the many millions of patients who each day, improperly take their medications. Learn more, or sign up for a free trial today!

NotifiUs API - Integrates with External Systems

The NotifiUs 'Solution as a Service' architecture supports a robust set of open interface standards to integrate with external product and services for current features and custom development, as well.

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