What We Do

In the United States, it is concerning that only approximately 1 in 7 individuals who require Substance Use Disorder (SUD), or mental health treatment actually receive the necessary care.

NotifiUs offers essential consultancy services to substance use disorder facilities, mental health treatment centers, and related organizations to overcome this gap.

Our comprehensive engagement includes a unique blend of healthcare expertise and technology that is custom-tailored to address the specific challenges and objectives of each care center, ultimately aiming to improve the quality and accessibility of behavioral health services.

Many research and advocacy organizations, such as SAMHSA, highlight the transformative impact of treatment and the importance of equal access to evidence-based care for individuals facing substance use and mental health challenges. Getting patients into treatment and empowering them to take an active role in their own recovery, while reducing stigma, and fostering a supportive community are essential elements of the approach to improving overall well-being.

We recognize the many challenges that treatment centers must manage so that they can more readily connect with those in need of mental health or substance use disorder care. Some of these challenges include:

  • funding and resources,
  • reducing stigma and discrimination,
  • workforce shortages,
  • insurance coverage,
  • coordination of care,
  • patient retention and treatment engagement,
  • cultural competency and relevance,
  • relapse prevention,
  • data privacy and security,
  • community support,
  • and regulatory compliance and measuring outcomes.

To better assist our clients, NotifiUs has implemented the RecoverMe – Large Language Model (LLM) service. This service comports to the structured steps of a large language model by formalizing the goals of our clients project, assembling the proper data, analyzing and fine tuning that data with several quality measures and assessments along the process.

NotifiUs is your best partner to address the critical challenges in the field of behavioral health while driving measurable results for patients.

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