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With limitations on how often we can directly meet with the people we care about, digital communications with those individuals is even more critical. The NotifiUs 'Solution as a Service' platform combines the best technology and systems to securely support key applications that digitally connect individuals and organizations with the people we care about.

Customizable Video, Voice and Text Messaging Services. Our smart video-including direct view of YouTube ™ videos- interactive voice and text messaging services provide; scheduled reminders, automatic Short Survey Messages, real-time text notifications to friends and family and data tracking and “Learning Analytics."

NotifiUs-Messaging Services
Notifi-Bot e-Learning

e-Learning for Remote Education, Training and Certification. Our new e-Learning application is simple to deploy and easy to use across education, small and large businesses, healthcare and government organizations. The NotifiUs Dashboard lets individuals or teams assigned to classes, training programs, certification or on-boarding processes receive customized examinations as part of their program.

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NotifiUs API - Integrates with External Systems

The NotifiUs 'Solution as a Service' architecture supports a robust set of open interface standards to integrate with external product and services for current features and custom development, as well.

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