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Audienti is a next generation “intelligent” digital platform that accelerates an organizations connection with customers. Audienti quickly navigates the visibility, traffic, and feedback needed to make campaigns successful, and delivers a remarkable pace of growth at a very competitive investment.

Key benefits include:

Visibility: Audienti quickly increases a company's visibility, which is crucial for attracting attention and potential customers. This typically encompasses an integrated and dynamic strategy with Search Engine Optimizatio (SEO),  content marketing, and social media promotion elements, or a subset of these actions.

Traffic: Generating website or platform traffic is essential for any online endeavor. Audienti provides tools and techniques to drive targeted traffic to your organizations campaign or company website, which increases the chances of conversions and engagement.

Feedback: Collecting feedback is valuable for understanding an audience's interpretation of the current maketing campaign and for  making improvements. Audienti's involvement may include feedback gathering mechanisms or analytics to help fully document and analyze customer feedback.

Interactive e-Learning

The Interactive e-Learning solution from NotifiUs includes a number or capabilities to collect a wide range of data to fully understand our clients operations and assess their capabilities relative to connecting with new patients.

This solution is also an information portal for patients and staff to help with education initiatives, training and tracking patient success.

Here are a few of the features we support:

Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes and Assessments: Evaluate the treatment center's understanding of specific topics related to substance use disorder treatment, such as evidence-based practices, therapy techniques, relapse prevention strategies, or compliance with industry standards.

Case Studies

Case Studies: Simulate real-life scenarios commonly encountered in substance use disorder treatment, offering insights into their decision-making processes and approaches to various situations.

Interactivve Modules

Interactive Modules: Educate and engage treatment center staff on specific topics through team based learning or individual scenario’s to help build decision making and navigate different pathways toward problem-solving abilities.

Open Ended Questions

Open-Ended Questions:  Gather subjective opinions, insights, or qualitative data about the treatment centers approaches, challenges, or successes in providing substance use disorder treatment. Again, this information is included with our Large Language Model analysis to determine key words and descriptions for Search Engine Optimization solutions.

Knowledge Check

Knowledge Checks:  Assess the treatment center's comprehension of certain material, giving insights into their understanding of critical treatment concepts.

Interactive Discussions and Forums

Interactive Discussions or Forums: Treatment center staff can engage in conversations, share experiences, ask questions, and provide feedback other staff members and patients as well.  These discussions can offer valuable qualitative information about their perspectives, experiences, and areas of interest and serve to qualify those patients to benefit most from this treatment centers expertise.