Our Team


Terry Wolters- Co-Chair. Terry is a highly diversified and successful professional with over 35 years’ experience in technology and business. Having been an early pioneer in the areas of voice over IP, optical networking and data networking infrastructure.

For the past several years he has lead the development and introduction of several new technologies and solutions to help improve patient welfare. As an example, the Patient Engagement Platform (PEP), previously released, addressed the challenge to patient and patient stakeholders to improve a patients' adherence to their prescribed medications. Advanced messaging services were integrated within a number of mobile and web based applications to support its use. Other solutions assisted community centers with e-learning and education of specific healthcare topics.

The current RecoverMe application is unique in its combination of data analytics, large language model format and consulting oversight to help treatment centers better connect with their patients within treatment centers and mental health facilities.

Dr. Cindy Crump – Co Chair.  Cindy is a long-time health services researcher and technology leader with multiple patents and peer-reviewed publications in the field of digital health and theapplication of machine learning for patient outcome prediction.

A Virginia native, she has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her most recent research explores computational modeling approaches to establish trust in medical AI services.

Her past achievements include innovative solutions to assist care providers with receiving real time patient data for movement and fall detection.

She is also a principle architect of the Recoverme application and its use to provide  support to behavioral health and substance use recovery organizations.