Podcast with Dr. Linda Lang, Psychiatrist, President Inova Behavioral Health Services


Our new podcast series on substance use disorder reviews different treatment options in the U.S. with the goal to help motivate the many millions of individuals affected by addiction to take the first step toward seeking treatment and support. In our series, we are also interested in how digital health technologies and other innovations can improve access to care for patients.

According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) – among people aged 12 or older about 44 million people needed substance use treatment over the year while only about 1.5% of these individuals actually believed that they needed and sought treatment. Another 2% believed that treatment was needed but they did not enroll, and 97% thought that treatment was not needed.

So if you are unsure whether you are one of the many of millions of people with an addiction disorder or if you are pretty certain that you do – please listen to the advice of the medical and professional experts that we have as guests on our podcast series.

And please think seriously about taking that first step toward recovery by asking yourself some tough questions or reaching out to our guests’ organizations and directly asking them!


Please click on the “start” button to listen to the Podcast with Dr. Linda Lang as we discuss “From Dependence to Independence: Addressing Depression and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment“.

Our Episode today Is entitled “From Dependence to Independence: Addressing Depression and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment” and features Dr. Linda Lang, President of Inova’s Behavioral Health Service line.

Dr. Lang brings in-depth expertise to our discussion with insights into the intersection of mental health and substance use disorder.

She has extensive experience in psychiatry, women’s health, integrative medicine, and substance use disorders.  She is the recipient of numerous awards and leadership roles to her credit including as previous Chairperson of the Department of Psychiatry, Behavioral Health Service Line, at Christiana Care in Newark, DE, and the  Outstanding Teaching Award from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, among many other roles.

Dr. Lang is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Under her leadership, the Inova Behavioral Health Services department now focuses on supporting the total well-being – mind and body – of each patient, through a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, therapists, social workers, and other behavioral health professionals.

One example of these remarkable services is the screening of patients for depression upon their initial Inova care provider visit. An initial screening test, with a few questions, allows health professionals to detect and treat depression at an early stage, and to assess the implication of depression with treatment for other ailments, such as addiction.