Healthcare Providers and Quality of Service

One of the many things about commercial sales channels like Amazon and EBay that is positive, is the use of “customer” feedback to rate sellers and to keep them competitive. In other words, if a customer receives or does not receive a quality product as ordered or service as requested, then the seller’s poor performance is relayed to other potential customers though the sales channel, which puts future business at risk.

Healthcare providers are so protected by the healthcare industrial complex (HIC); consisting of Insurers, Providers and Government, that the patient (customer) is charged for a service visit or procedure with little or no opportunity to rank the quality of care. There may be soft survey issued well after the visit, but those are typically a very soft “how goes it” type survey to meet some obscure Meaningful Use or government meaningless paper exercise.

Does anyone have thoughts or comments on a website that would be open to all, and allow patients to input their thoughts of the quality of care or service they received from a care provider? This would not be a direct as the survey/feedback used by commercial product/service providers but would make available a channel for patients to at least be heard.

Let me know what you think of such a concept.