Technology and Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence with Family Reminder Application

Patients continue to struggle to properly take their prescribed medications. The reasons are well known and include such things as forgetfulness, side effect avoidance, and cost- to name a few. Clinical research shows that even patients with chronic ailments like diabetes, who’s care success is highly dependent on positive medication adherence, will improperly take their medication within a few months after a new prescription.

And despite the availability of digital reminders, and local intelligent pill boxes  patient behavior toward medication adherence remains largely unchanged.

At NotifiUs, we believe the success of these technologies is dependent on the involvement from friends, family and care professionals. That is, digital reminders without follow up communication of encouragement from friends and family will soon lose there effectiveness, and potentially cause the patient a very costly and avoidable trip to the hospital.  In fact friends and family may want to consider actually enrolling the patient with a service that includes notifications and real time analytics, and machine learning,  so they themselves, as well as the patient can track and encourage patient behavior toward “taking their medications”.

What better way to tell someone you care about them, then to send a follow up video message, phone call or text message about the importance of their health and wellness!

Terry Wolters is CEO and Founder of NotifiUs, LLC.