Medication Adherence Behavior and Blockchain!

If you guessed that about half of the patients currently self-managing their medication requirements did so incorrectly, you guessed right! Even patients with serious chronic ailments don’t always fulfill their prescription requirements.

So what can be done to further motivate the patient, and the patients’ stakeholders toward improved medication adherence behavior?  

Properly taking medication leads to healthier patients, which leads to fewer unnecessary return trips to the hospital, less burden on health insurance coverage, and more managed pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. Depending on the ailment, anywhere from 20% to 30% of prescribed medication refills never get picked up.

Two key elements of Blockchain include a “transaction” and “validation”.  In our application the transaction is the patient’s acknowledgment of completing their adherence step; such as, “I took my meds at 2 pm today”, with a validation of that transaction through Blockchain protocol.

Is the next step a patient centric crypto currency based on successful behavior in exchange for related healthcare discounts with payers, providers and pharma manufacturers?


By Terry Wolters, CEO, NotifiUs LLC.   [email protected]